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Safer roads,
safer communities. 

Reduce crashes on your city’s streets & highways with expert solutions and long-term results.

Tragedies trigger change. 

It's every policeman's worst nightmare.

The sombre walk towards a person's front door to notify the next of kin their loved one perished in a vehicle incident.

The only thing that can make this grim experience worse is knowing it was entirely preventable. 

Crashes occur consistently in the same places -- and usually for the same reasons -- in every community and stretch of highway. These locations are called "High Risk Corridors". You can probably picture that intersection or stretch of highway in your area frequently occupied by emergency vehicles and roadside memorials.


The results of these crashes are overstretched police resources, skyrocketing insurance costs, and otherwise avoidable injuries & fatalities to citizens.

Through my 23 year career with the RCMP, and 21 years as ICBC’s Road Safety Coordinator, I helped save thousands of lives by building programs that improve road safety and save lives.

Through integrated programs that coordinate the efforts of ALL parties (coroners, police, ministries of transportation, and more), I’ll help you improve the safety of travellers in your community. 

If you have a crash problem in your community or detachment area, I want to help.

Click below to get in touch -- and we'll start building a plan that saves your community time, money, and most importantly, lives.

Mike Weightman

Case Studies

Click below to explore three examples of successful programs that reduced crashes by up to 100%.


Get In Touch

If you have a high crash location in your community or detachment area I want to help.


Click below to contact me by email, phone, or LinkedIn to discuss a project.


Michael Weightman

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